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Advanced Resuscitation Course (CLS) – Melbourne


HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation Training Course Melbourne

Provide Advanced Resuscitation HLTAID007 training is designed to build on skills already acquired with the HLTAID003 Provide First Aid certificate. The course has three general areas of focus; appropriate use of complex resuscitation skills, use and care of resuscitation equipment, and appropriate follow up procedures.

Edway’s Advanced Resuscitation Course (CLS) – Melbourne, is either a standalone accreditation, or can be used as a required part of the Provide Advanced First Aid Combo Course HLTAID006.  WorkSafe’s Code of Practise requires ‘High Risk’ workplaces to have an Advanced First Aid Officer with Advanced Resuscitation accreditation for every 25 employees, two for 50 employees, and one extra Senior First Aid Officer for each 25 employees afterwards. Unlike the Provide Advanced First Aid Training, which is valid for three years; Provide Advanced Resuscitation must be refreshed after one year to be considered up-to-date.

An Advanced Resuscitation accreditation is not only useful within the workplace; many other members of the general public often enrol for the course.

Course Overview

The training encompasses all necessary units for the Provide Advanced Resuscitation HLTAID007 Course.

Training consists of:

  • A workbook which must be finished prior to attendance
  • PowerPoint and tutor instruction
  • Practical demonstrations which include role-play activities
  • Note taking
  • Online units and assessment

This course is held under the supervision of Edway Training (RTO No 91401) and has been approved for instruction by Australian Skills and Quality Authority (ASQA)

More in-depth course descriptions and information can be found here: course description PDF

The Advanced Resuscitation Course consists of:

  • Resuscitation techniques – including face mask
  • Use of AED (defibrillation machines)
  • Appropriate use of oxygen apparatus
  • Use of airways clearing equipment
  • Use of mechanical resuscitation equipment
  • Appropriate care of resuscitation equipment
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Paperwork required after an incident

Training Provider Information

Provide Advanced Resuscitation HLTAID007 training course is delivered and certificates are issued by one of our partner companies, Training Aid Australia.

Training Aid Australia is accredited by the Australian Skills and Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver this training course.

Course Outcome

Upon completion of the course, and after being assessed as competent in all online, practical and theory-based components, participants will receive a nationally accredited certificate HLTAID001 & HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation, valid for 12 months.

Students who do not pass all units, will not be awarded their Provide Advanced Resuscitation Course Melbourne certificate and will need to enrol again if they wish to gain accreditation.

Advanced Resuscitation Training is designed for Senior First Aid Officers who are employed:

  • As first responders
  • As construction site first aid managers
  • Within the social welfare sectors
  • As carers of children or the elderly
  • As recreational and leisure team leaders
  • Within the security industries
  • Within the defence sectors

Course Requirements

  1. It is recommended a Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) HLTAID001 certificate is obtained

We recommend that participants are qualified in Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) HLTAID001, this is not a mandatory requirement. 

  1. Must Have Completed Their Online Theory Workbooks

Once they are enrolled, participants will receive instructions to access an online theory workbook. The theory workbook must be completed and submitted prior to beginning the course. No student will be admitted to the training rooms if they fail to satisfactorily complete all workbook units prior to the date and time the training is scheduled to take place.

  1. Early Arrival to Training

It is expected, all those who have enrolled will be at the designated venue, at least 15 minutes early. All Edway’s instructors are required to complete enrolment and paperwork, accept payments, and ensure participants have the appropriate documentation, efore they allow the training to begin.

Any participant who is over twenty minutes late, will not be allowed to enter the course and will have to reschedule for a later date.

  1. Must Show Valid Photo ID

All students must show instructors a valid form of photo ID, before they will be allowed to participate in the course. It is a WorkSafe Victoria requirement that instructors record participant’s ID after sighting it. Valid Photo IDs include; passports, driver’s license, student cards, and proof of age cards.

  1. Must Have Good English and Numeracy Skills

To understand both written and spoken instruction, and be able to complete all forms of assessments, students need to have good English communication and numeracy skills.

Edway Training has Language, Literacy and Numeracy tests available for any prospective students who are unsure if their skills are appropriate.

  1. Must Be Physically Mobile

To master most Advanced Resuscitation Techniques students need to be physically able and mobile.

Course Duration

The Advanced Resuscitation Course Melbourne is a half day course (4 hours) with breaks included.

Course Cost


ONLINE payment is only by VISA and MASTERCARD (0% surcharge fee)

If PAID ON THE DAY $170.00

Payments made on the day can include – Cash or VISA and MASTERCARD payments (2% surcharge fee)


Only Companies can pay by INVOICE and only after a Valid Purchase Order or Authority To Invoice is received by Edway Training at least one day before the course is scheduled for.

If you are planning to pay by invoice, you must follow the ‘Invoice Payment Procedure’ which is found within the course confirmation email.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Course Location

MELBOURNE Level 1, Illoura Plaza, 424 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

Check Map, Public Transport and Parking Information



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