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Expanding Your Career Options with a White Card Course in Sydney

Workers in the construction industry face dangers on the job that can be potentially fatal, getting your safety training is an important aspect of beginning a career in this field. After completing a white card course, Sydney jobseekers are enabled to begin working in the industry according to law, and are also equipped with a foundational knowledge of safety precautions that should be taken on any construction site.

Getting Your White Card (formally known as green card)

Learning the skills necessary to begin a career in construction starts with taking a white card course in Sydney. For most, training can be completed in less than a single workday. Edway Training offers a six hour course that covers everything needed for obtaining the white card. Sydney students receive a state license to work in construction, providing them a resource that can easily expand their career options in the lucrative construction field.

Trainees getting their white card in Sydney will begin by registering for their course. You will need to make sure that you have required identification as described by WorkCover NSW to enter and complete the white card course. Sydney students will need to attend a face to face session and pass an assessment over the materials covered in the white card course. Sydney students at Edway will learn state laws as well as national standards for safety according to WorkCover and OHS.

The Benefits

Although working through a white card course is formally required by law, there are actually many benefits to taking the course. For example, Sydney construction workers who have completed training for the white card will be able to recognise dangers on the job more easily. Additionally, working in construction without a white card can result in penalises both for you and your employer and cause you to lose your job. By obtaining their white card, Sydney employees eliminate their chances of being fired and fined for working illegally on a construction site.

With your training completed, you can begin working immediately using the certificate that will be provided by Edway after the course. You will receive your permanent white card, which is remains valid until you have been out of the construction field for two years, at which time you’ll need to retrain if you want to return to work in the industry. Your employer may also require renewal training as needed, or as determined by company policy.


Course Information
Construction Induction Green/White Card Training - CPCCOHS1001A
If booked and paid online : AUD $ 89 , at the door : AUD $ 100

Work safely in the construction industry CPCCOHS1001A, Also known as White Card. This course delivers Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) induction training within the construction industry. It covers awareness of WHS legislative requirements, and the basic principles of risk management and prevention of injury and illness in the construction industry.

This course is aimed at all workers carrying out construction work: 

  • Self-employed persons
  • Labourers
  • Apprentices
  • Trainees
  • Trades-persons
  • Supervisors and project managers

This course provides participants with:

  • Basic principles of health and safety in the construction industry in NSW
  • Information about preventing workplace injury and illness, workplace injury management and workers compensation in NSW

Course outline: 

  • Identify OHS Legislative Requirements.
  • Identify Construction Hazards and Control Measures. 
  • Identify OHS Communication and Reporting Processes. 
  • Identify OHS Incident Response Procedures.


The course duration is 6 hours, allow for course duration to be extended if required. 


As per WorkCover NSW requirements, NSW residents must complete formal face-to-face training. Interstate Online training is not permitted for NSW residents.

White cards obtained through online training might not be accepted on the construction sites.


WorkCover NSW imposes strict evidence of identity (EOI) requirements for participants attending OHS Construction Induction (Green/White Card). 
Please CLICK HERE to see full WorkCover I.D. points list.
Upon successful completion participants will receive:  
  • WorkCover NSW Statement of Training 
  • Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment
  • Plastic wallet size card (will be mailed by WorkCover NSW)   
Please arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete necessary paperwork
Sydney Office:
Level 1, , 100 William St, SYDNEY NSW 2010.
Parramatta Office:
Level 4, Gough Whitlam Plaza, 20-22 Wentworth St. PARRAMATTA NSW 2150.
Liverpool Office:
Level 1, 61 Scott St. LIVERPOOL NSW 2170.
Course Details
Course Construction Induction Green/White Card Training - CPCCOHS1001A
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