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The Benefits of Earning Your White Card in Perth

If you are considering a job in construction, you can begin your career by getting your white card in Perth. The white card is necessary when working in construction. Your training is designed to promote a safe working environment by showing you the most common dangers on the job and what you can do to prevent accidents. There are many benefits to obtaining white card training, including the ability to reduce the occurrence of injuries.

Your Training

When getting the white card, Perth construction employees can eliminate the danger of getting fired and fined for working without a permit, as this is a legal requirement. Fines for working without the proper training can be as much as $11,000, a steep cost when compared to training that costs only $50 with Edway Training when you pay for the course online. Training is also very simple and only lasts about one day, so you don't need to spend a lot of time in the classroom before getting your white card.

You will learn many safety strategies that are focused on your region when completing training for the white card. Perth participants at Edway will learn risk management strategies, as well as the correct steps to take when an accident does occur. White card training has replaced the former green, red and blue cards in the construction industry, so if you need a replacement card you will need to receive and retrain the white card as your replacement.

Obtaining Your Card

If you have been hired in the construction industry, you will need to begin your training as soon as possible. After completing the training session to get a white card, Perth construction workers are given temporary documentation. This is valid until a permanent card is mailed out within a few weeks of the training day. This temporary documentation that proves you have taken the white card course can only be used for a specific time period, after which you will need to present your permanent card to enter a construction site.

If you are seeking a white card for immediate work, you will want to look for an RTO that is recognised nationally. Edway Training is a valid RTO that can provide you with the training that you need in a single six hour course, allowing you to enter the workforce quickly. We like to keep things simple and hassle-free for our students, so when training at Edway for the white card, Perth construction workers will need to pay only one fee for everything covered in the course.

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