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Completing Your Construction Induction By getting a White Card in Brisbane


In QLD, the old blue card has been replaced by the white card to allow you to begin a career in construction. To get a white card, Brisbane residents must attend a training course through an RTO such as Edway Training. After completing your white card course, you’ll be qualified to work on any construction site in QLD.

The Requirements

Obtaining your white card in Brisbane allows you to enter a new career with confidence. Your training will include the basics of safety on the construction site, as well as information on local laws that may impact your job and responsibilities. Everyone working on a construction site will need to have white card training, or they may face fines of up to $11,000. Depending on the state that you work in, you may need to retrain for the white card when moving to a different state in Australia. While most states accept white cards obtained in other states, there are a few exceptions.

When returning to the construction industry after a long period of time, you will be required to retrain for the new white card. QLD OHS laws, like those in most Australian sates, require white card retraining after a two year absence from the construction industry. Refreshing your knowledge of safety procedures in the construction industry is a good idea if it has been several years since your initial training. Some Brisbane companies may also require white card retraining anytime there is an increase in injuries or accidents on the job.

The Process

When seeking a white card, Brisbane construction workers will begin by registering for their online course. Edway Training allows you to preregister and pay for your course online. After completing a training course in Brisbane, you will need to provide certified statutory declaration and a copy of your identification by fax or email. Your training course will consist of four modules with a mandatory assessment at the end of the each module. You must pass the assessment to receive your white card.

In general, you can begin working immediately after completing your training course for the white card, in Brisbane and anywhere else in QLD and Australia. You will receive your permanent white card by mail shortly after completing your training and satisfying other course requirements. While the white card does not have an expiration date, you may need to retrain at some point.

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