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Steps to Obtaining Your Red Card in Melbourne

Taking a red card course in Melbourne will allow you to work in the construction industry in state of VIC and anywhere in Australia. Also known as white card or construction induction training, the red card is required by law for anyone working in the construction industry. Obtaining your red card in Melbourne through Edway Training is fast, convenient and affordable for everyone beginning their career in construction.

Who Needs a Red Card?

So who needs to take a red card course? Any Melbourne workers, who work on construction sites or required access to it, are the most common group to hold a red card. For example, an architect may need to walk into the construction site to examine the different aspects of building. When qualified with a red card, Melbourne employees will have access to construction sites using their card as evidence of completing required training. You may need to evaluate your position in the workforce before determining whether you need a red or white card.

When getting your red card in Melbourne your training will include on the job safety. Training through a red card course in Melbourne is needed to encourage safe navigation through construction sites and how to manage accidents on the job. You will learn the basics of current legislation and how it affects working in the construction industry, as well. Learning how to responsibly manage the environment of a construction site is also an important part of training.

Getting Your Red Card

When seeking a red card, Melbourne employees will need to register for a course through an RTO, or Recognized Training Organization that has approval from WorkSafe VIC to deliver this course. Once received, your certification will give you the required clearance to enter construction sites. Throughout the red card course in Melbourne construction experts will train you in the most vital information for on the job safety according to the OHS requirement.

After completing the red card course, Melbourne workers will receive a temporary certificate that is good for sixty days. During that time period, you will receive your permanent card in the mail. Getting the red card is the first step in being able to work in the Melbourne construction industry on any level. If you are working as an employee directly involved in construction, you might need to complete additional safety training courses to perform your job as will be set by company policy.


Course Information
Construction Induction Red/White Card Training CPCCOHS1001A
If booked and paid online : AUD $ 120 , at the door : AUD $ 130
Due to the ANZAC day, Edway Training will be closed on Sat 25 April 2015.
Course name: Work Safely in the Construction Industry (Construction Induction Card / White Card / Red Card)
Course code: CPCCOHS1001A
This unit of competency from Construction Training Package (CPC08) meets OHS regulatory Authority requirements for OHS induction and forms part of the CPC10108 Certificate I in Construction.
Edway Training Pty Ltd has been approved by Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and WorkSafe Victoria to deliver this course.

This course is aimed at all workers carrying out construction work:

  • Self-employed persons
  • Labourers
  • Apprentices
  • Trainees
  • Trades-persons
  • Supervisors and project managers

This course provides participants with:

  • Basic principles of health and safety in the construction industry in VIC
  • Information about preventing workplace injury and illness, workplace injury management and workers compensation in VIC


The course duration is 6 hours. 

Course Outline:
  • Identify OHS Legislative Requirements.
  • Identify Construction Hazards and Control Measures. 
  • Identify OHS Communication and Reporting Processes. 
  • Identify OHS Incident Response Procedures.

Upon successful completion participants will receive:   

  • Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Plastic wallet size card (will be mailed by WorkSafe VIC)  


WorkSafe Victoria does not allow online training and only formal classroom based Construction Induction training is recognised. 

White cards obtained through online training might not be accepted on the construction sites in Victoria.



Participant MUST bring a valid form of photo ID for identification purposes.

To see WorkSafe Victoria ID list, please CLICK HERE 


Participant should arrive 15-20 min prior to the start of the class to complete necessary registration paperwork.

ENTRY TO THE COURSE WILL BE REFUSED if participant arrives 30 min after the starting time.


As per WorkSafe Victoria requirement, the basic understanding of reading and writing English is required. 

Trainer reserves the right to refuse entry to the class based on the outcome of the Literacy and Numeracy test which is available to all participants.

Use of interpreters and translators is not allowed.


Level 1, Illoura Plaza, 424 St Kilda Rd Melbourne 3004 
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2 Hampton Ave Sunshine 3020
Free on-site and street parking available
145 - 147 Wedgewood Rd Hallam 3803
Free on-site and street parking available
Course Details
Course Construction Induction Red/White Card Training CPCCOHS1001A
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