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First Aid Training Parramatta

For quality and convenient first aid training, Parramatta residents can sign up for a simple 1 day course through Edway Training. You will need to register and pay for the course before the training date in order to work through a short workbook related to your first aid certificate. Within just a short time, you can have the skills needed to ensure you know how to react to any emergency situation on and off the job.

What You Learn

The basics of first aid training in Parramatta include treating common, minor injuries such as burns and cuts. You will also learn how to perform CPR and what to do in more serious situations requiring immediate medical attention. First aid is usually geared toward providing emergency care while waiting for medical personnel to arrive on the scene. The skills that you learn in a first aid course can potentially save someone’s life if used correctly.

Memorising the materials covered in the course is the best way to ensure you are ready to deal with any emergency. Your skills can be used at home, one the job, or anywhere you happen to be. First aid training is also required in many Parramatta workplaces, including in the construction industry and when working with children or seniors on a regular basis. Your skills will help you treat the common injuries that happen on the playground, but can also help you when a serious medical emergency occurs at work.

For accredited first aid training, Parramatta employees will need to go to a nationally recognised training organisation. To do your training with an RTO is absolutely necessary if you are required to have first aid training for your job, and is also a good choice if you are taking the course for personal use, simply because the materials covered are comprehensive and of a high standard. Why risk getting second rate training for something as important as first aid? With the right training course, you will emerge with a good working knowledge of the correct steps to take in an emergency situation.

Preparing For Your Course

When registering for first aid training, Parramatta residents will want to book well ahead of time, to ensure they complete the workbook needed to pass the course. The workbook is an essential part of learning what you should do in an emergency, and can also be used to review over time after the course is complete.

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